Terms of Service

Dear Clients,

In order to operate efficiently and professionally, I have terms and conditions that apply to all mounts that come into the studio. Please read the following carefully. If you have any questions, please email me and I will be happy to help you. Thank you.

Payments Due

A nonrefundable 50% deposit is required to be collected upon receipt of a specimen to be mounted. Please know that I accept Paypal, cash, or check. Please note: If payment is not received at this time, no work will start until payment is received and a storage fee may be applicable. A 3% service fee will be added to all credit card or Paypal transactions.

All prices reflect the finest taxidermy work that I can possibly provide you. However, there are additional charges that may apply to your order should you choose to upgrade your mounts to include custom bases, detailed design, alterations, open mouth, pedestal mounts, leather backings, custom habitats, etc. Please know these fees will be discussed and agreed upon prior to mounting.

The balance on any mount is due immediately upon completion regardless if the mount(s) is/are picked up or shipped at a later date. Paying your balance at this time allows me to smoothy transition to serving the next client. If the balance is not paid within thirty days, a 10% finance charge will apply to the unpaid balance and continue to accrue monthly until paid in full. Unless payment arrangements have been made, it is agreed that any mounts not paid in full within thirty days will become, without notice, the sole property of Zhon Creations, and as such may be used or disposed of in any manner at Zhon Creations’ sole discretion.

Liability Waiver

Zhon Creations shall not be held responsible for damage to or loss of any mount for any reason, past, present or future, including but in no way limited to losses resulting from insect destruction, fire, theft, or vandalism. We highly recommend all clients insure their trophies prior to mounting with an expert in trophy insurance policies. We also recommend all clients have all their mounts treated to prevent insect destruction by an expert in trophy preservation and restoration.

If during any stage of the taxidermy process any conditions are discovered which preclude the proper completion of the mount without incurrence of labor and/or materials over the above amounts included in the orginal price quote, Zhon Creations expressly retains the right to either 1) make pricing adjustments or 2) refuse to complete the mount. The above conditons include but are in no way limited to: cuts or other abrasions of the skin/hide incurred prior to acceptance of the trophy for mounting; skin conditions which cause the hide to be untannable; improper field processing procedures; or any other conditions not directly controllable by Zhon Creations. In the event such conditions are discovered, Zhon Creations will contact the client and discuss any applicable options.

Mounting Time Frame

It is my goal to mount all trophies within a six to twelve month time frame. If a client chooses not to mount his/her trophy or trophies within this time frame, the order is subject to any price increases in effect at the time of mounting and an additional deposit may be applicable. Storage fees may be applicable if trophies are not mounted within twelve months.


It is my goal to make every client a satisfied customer. However, there may be something that a client may wish changed or fixed. Please know we are happy to take care of minor issues at no charge within sixty days from the time of delivery. After sixty days, a minimum repair fee of $175 will become applicable. If the mount(s) was/were completed per the client’s instructions on his/her job order, a tear down fee and remounting fee will apply should the client change his/her desires for that particular mount. Note: I do not recommend a remount any mount due to the possibility of permanent damage to the hide/skin.