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About the Artist

Lee DuckworthMy name is Lee Duckworth (commonly known by the internet nickname "Zhon").

I was born in the center of Colorado and I have an affinity for wildlife. I consider myself to have always been a bit of a nature lover, and that is one of the main reasons I persued the career of taxidermy. I love to preserve the memories of the past!

I attended the Pennsylvania Institute of Taxidermy in 2005 to learn everything I could about recreating and breathing life back into the animals I was given—be them hunted, found, or raised. I learned everything from fish, to birds, and to my favourite speciality: mammals!

Through the years, I have had the wonderful pleasure to not only work on native creatures, but also exotic species that people have rarely ever seen! My work has also appeared on TV shows such as Bones and Vampire Diaries.

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